The Ripest Pics

Great Blue Heron in Flight Over Everglades (Image II)

great blue heron flying over everglades


  1. Lovely photo! I saw one of these fly overhead while sitting outside in the sunshine one morning this past week. It was flying so low and looked so huge, I immediately thought, “Pterodactyl,” haha. I hope you have a Happy Holiday!

    • When I first started photographing the great blue heron (about eight years ago), I would always think they looked prehistoric! Like a Pterodactyl for sure! They are 3-4 feet tall and their wingspan is six feet! But they only weigh about seven pounds! They are all feathers! They spear fish with their beak…they are amazing hunters. Scary even in their stealth.
      Glad you saw one! You know a heron (or their cousin, the egret – a white bird just like the heron) in flight because they don’t extend their neck (like geese), but rather they tuck it in as they fly – as you see in the photo above.
      I think I scheduled another heron photo for tomorrow. It’s actually the same heron as above but I think it was as it lifted off for flight – a magnificent sight. Their wings stretch out full length as they lift off.
      I love the great blue heron! I tracked this one with my camera while out on a hydroplane boat in the Everglades. It was a tremendous shoot – I got about 30 shots in maybe 45 seconds of flying. You really have to concentrate to keep the focus – but remain calm as well, and breathe. I find the whole experience of tracking a bird in the lens to be zen-like. You, the camera and the bird are one – corny as that sounds.
      So glad you visited TheRipestPics and thanks for your comment! Hope all’s well with you ~
      PS Happy Holidays to you too!!!

      • Oh, no, that’s not corny at all in my opinion. I completely agree! They are fantastic birds, and I cherish each and every brief moment I get when I see one. 🙂

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