April 2017
Juried Exhibit “Lowell, A Homecoming”

My photograph, Blizzard, February 2013, has been chosen for display in the exhibit “Lowell, A Homecoming” which is sponsored by Whistler House Museum of Art.
I am so pleased that my photo was chosen by the Whistler House Museum Exhibitions Committee.

The exhibit starts April 19 and is located at:

UMASS Lowell Inn and Conference Center
Corridor Outside of Main Ballroom
50 Warren Street
Lowell, MA 01852

Here’s the photo and the story behind it.
sm-by-Mary-McAvoy-Blizzard-2013-Market-St-Lowell-2-8-2013 copy

Blizzard 2013 – Market Street, Lowell, Massachusetts
Photograph by Mary McAvoy

For almost a year during 2012-13 I lived in Lowell on the 4th floor of the Birke Building, overlooking Market Street. In February 2013 there was a blizzard that stopped all traffic, human and car, on Market Street. The condo I rented had huge windows, with the sill being about 18” from the floor. Anchoring my ankles and feet under heavy furniture, I reached my arm and a safe portion of my upper body out the window and took photos up Market Street. It took much time, trial and error as I was shooting blindly, not able to put my eye to the viewfinder. This shot is the result of that effort.

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