The Ripest Pics

Pink Bleeding Heart

Pink Bleeding Heart


    • Hi AWordOfSubstance! Thanks for the visit.
      I’m glad you enjoy my photography.
      Please feel free to reblog any of my posted images.
      I posted one a while back, not too long ago, of a still life.
      But there are several objects, not just one…
      I’ll keep your offer in mind for images of objects and if I think of one of a single object,
      I’ll let you know.
      Thanks so much –

    • Thanks, Tori.
      Generally, when you photograph you should have the sun behind you
      so that your subject is well lit.
      For this shot, the sun was low in the sky as it was late in the afternoon and I chose to take the shot
      looking into the sun because I loved the translucent effect the sun was having as it shone through the blossoms.
      I had to crouch low so that the sunlight came through the blossoms but didn’t
      hit the lens and cause flare.
      I also wanted to be close enough that the detail was clear.
      So, to a degree, the angle I needed dictated exactly where the blossoms
      fell in the composition of the shot!
      Thanks again –

      • Tori

        I noticed the lower light – I actually prefer evening shooting. The lighting is often more appealing, in my opinion. The way it makes everything “glow” looks pretty.

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