The Ripest Pics

Is Anyone Listening?!

Maine seagull series 4 raucous


    • Hi Carol! THANK YOU so much for this honor! This is my first ever blogging award! I accept it humbly while jumping up and down with ecstatic joy! I shall fairly promptly, in the next some odd number of days (or weeks), study and comprehend what I am obligated to do by virtue of accepting this award, and then I shall do it. Stay tuned…and THANK YOU again!

      • I was able to do much of the award post last night. I plan to add an “Awards” page – how optimistic!
        So, I think I’ll have it done fairly soon. It’s actually been a fun exercise.
        I edited your comment so that it now says “looking at” – I’m so used to reading posts and comments that most likely read like mine, that in my mind I’m reading the intended words and I’m not bothered at all by the hiccups in grammar that we all do. It’s so difficult to catch your own misuses. I think the mind “reads” what it intended, no matter what the letters and words have formed!

      • Good for you! What started off as a chore for me became fun as I gave stupid answers to sensible questions. As for OP’s mistakes, I know what you mean. They could have got away with them if they hadn’t pointed them out to me.

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